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Celebrating Sandra 

A dedicated board member of both the Yorkton Arts Council and the Yorkton Public Library, another of her visions came to life in the creation of the Community pARTners Gallery, a small public gallery space in the Yorkton Public Library.  The space is the result of a partnership of the City of Yorkton, the Yorkton Public Library and the Yorkton Arts Council.  It is a wonderful creative space that welcomes all.

In her vision Sandra MacColl saw beyond her own life and continues in her support of the arts even after passing away.  Her nephew, Shawn Hall, made a special donation from her estate to the Community pARTners Gallery of $42,143.  Her generosity will ensure the continuation of the programming and maintenance of the Community pARTners Gallery for years to come. 

Members of the Yorkton Arts Council, The Yorkton Public Library’s Board of director and members of City Council along with friends and family of the late Sandra MacColl gathered at the Community pARTners Gallery, located in the Yorkton Public Library, on May 16. 2017. The gathering was to celebrate the life and gifts that Sandra MacColl brought to the arts and to our community.

Sandra MacColl was a visionary and had a quiet way of making her visions come to life.  She was a driving force in Renaissance Yorkton endeavouring to bring outdoor art to enliven and invigorate downtown Yorkton.  She worked hard to bring about the works of art bordering City Park.  


To August 23, 2017

Boom seeks to explore through visual media the effects

an economic boom has on communities. Rather than

critiquing the industries that determine a rapid economic

upturn, this exhibition focuses on the human component,

the workers and community members themselves.

Complex and nuanced, the experience of participating

in a boom is not often a straightforward narrative. Higher salaries and available work are driving factors for a rapid population growth. However, with a massive increase in population comes the negative effect of a decrease in quality of life, from lack of housing to failing infrastructure, not to mention possible geographical isolation and the disruption of local culture. Yet, there are positives, increased profits for businesses, increase in jobs, meeting people from diverse cultures, immigration, etc. This exhibition seeks to explore both sides from the standpoint of the people involved a boom.

Organized and toured through OSAC’s Arts on the Move program, curated by Amber Andersen. Featuring the works of Valerie Zink and Rick Pelletier.

The late Sandra MacColl, left, and Shawn Hall making the presentation on behalf of her estate.

Open during regular hours at Yorkton Public Library: 

Monday, Thursday and Friday 10 am to 6 pm, Tuesday and Wednesday 10 am to 9 pm, Saturday and Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm.

All community projects rely on different people or groups working closely together toward common goals. A good partnership is one that shares the same vision, goals and values as the other partners.

The Yorkton Arts Council and the Yorkton Public Library had an opportunity to form such a new partnership, and establish a community gallery space in the newly renovated Public Library. There was a need in the community to provide a space for local and area artists to display their work, and the Library was in need of some art to enhance their new space. The community pARTners gallery was established.

Co-chairs of the committee are Lori Glauser representing the Yorkton Arts Council Board, and a representative of the Yorkton Public Library Board, currently vacant. Committee members are Shirley Huziak and Margaret Phillips.

community pARTners gallery​​