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Exhibition on display until April 23

Artists' statement

The intention of our exhibition Animalia is to create a positive connection to our natural surroundings through charming encounters with the animal world. 

Animals build a strong link between human beings and their natural environments. These connections may exist either in positive ways, where animals are having the role of an encouraging anchor to our surroundings; as well as in a negative way, where animals become visual indicators for destructive environmental changes due to human behaviour. 

According to the WWF “Living planet report 2016” the population sizes of vertebrate species have, on average, dropped by more than half in little more than 40 years. It is our responsibility to work together to maintain the balance and magnificence of the natural world for itself and future generations. 

Any artistic attention on the natural environment and habitat, through creative articulation will certainly help to focus on this important issue and will increase the respect needed to keep our natural environments lively.

Heike Fink Artist Statement 

The ancient art of felting instantly fascinated me because the process of felting seems so magical. Just some wool and a bit of hot soapy water or a felting needle combined with agitation and those loose wool fibers will meld together to form my new creation. 

I am mostly attracted by the lightness and fluffiness of the wool, all the different colors, the smooth tactile touch of the wet soapy wool and the versatility felting does offer. Even though, I love the wet-felting process for its sensual joys, I also do a lot of needle-felting, which gives me the opportunity to create very detailed figures. I am self-taught and have learned the art of felting with lots of experimentation in the different techniques. 

From sculptures to flat wool images to goods for daily use - loose wool fibres can be transformed into almost anything. I make functional work like scarves, booties, purses, jewelry, but I especially enjoy sculptural work. 

Although I like to play with abstract structures, I mostly enjoy creating animal sculptures. Sculpting animals is a way to connect to nature for me and it is the natural world, where I draw most of my inspiration from. As a matter of fact, the abundance of nature was part of my motivation to immigrate to Canada. Being engaged with sculpting animals does deepen this connection through my use of artistic expression. Animals stand as a representation for a healthy, clean environment. Coming from a European country, my fascination with the abundance of nature is rooted in the experience of the loss of wild spaces and wildlife. 

My respect for nature and concern about the environment let me appreciate the sustainability of wool, a 100% renewable and biodegradable material. Creating whimsical creatures springing to live from animal fibres seems like a natural choice, which gives me great joy. 

Felting as a form of art has implemented the abundant pleasure and satisfaction of creating, into my daily life. With the support of other people enjoying my artwork, the opportunity to turn my felting devotion into a lifestyle has evolved. I am very grateful for that.

Mary Romanuck Artist Statement 

I have always been captivated by animals. I live in a rural environment and my inspiration comes from nature and animals. I cannot remember a time when I did not draw and if given the opportunity I would spend my days just drawing furry creatures. There is a soul in the animals that I share with them.

Part of the touring program of the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils (OSAC).

​Call for Entries

Parkland Association of Disc Golf

July 5 - August 30,  2019

In the summer on 2019 pARTners Art Gallery in the Yorkton Public Library will be home to a multi-artist, multi-media show with a sport theme thanks to a partnership with the Parkland Association of Disc Golf, (PADG).

It will be open to paintings, photography, fibre art (quilts, etc.), even small sculptures. With the advance notice being provided, artists have all summer to get out to the courses in the area to find inspiration.
Deadline for entry is June 27, 2019 with artwork to be dropped of the Community pARTners Gallery in the Yorkton Public Library from June 27 to  29. 

Entry forms are available from the Yorkton Arts Council office, the Yorkton Public Library, PDGA and below.

PADG show entry form >>


​Sandra MacColl was a visionary and had a quiet way of making her visions come to life.  In 2006 one of her visions came to life in the creation of the Community pARTners Gallery, a small public gallery space in the Yorkton Public Library.

The space is the result of a partnership of the City of Yorkton, the Yorkton Public Library and the Yorkton Arts Council.It is a wonderful creative space that welcomes all. In her vision SandraMacColl saw beyond her own life and continues in her support of the arts even after passing away. Her generosity will ensure the continuation of the programming and maintenance of the Community pARTners Gallery for years to come.​​

community pARTners gallery​​

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