Hip Hop Hoop Dance at St. Alphonsus School in Yorkton last school year, part of OSAC Performing Arts in Schools. Performances were held at Dr. Brass School and at St. Alphonsus School in April of 2018. 

Hip Hop Hoop Dance featured world champion hoop dancer Terrance Littletent, Chancz Perry and Jayson Littletent. They toured 27 Saskatchewan schools in April.

Dumpstra Dragons coming to Yorkton schools this fall

Dumpsta Dragons is a very unique group of two musicians who have come together to present their own style of music that draws from musical traditions from around the world. They perform on instruments that range from thousands of years old to recently invented.

With these instruments they are able to create a sound that is both very ancient and completely new.

Andrew Kim and Alcvin Takegawa Ramos play the sitar from India, the shakuhachi from Japan, the didgeridoo from Australia, the djembe from Africa, the kalimba from Africa, the Persian tennis racket, the Moroccan hockey stick and the singing spoon; the last three being original homemade instruments the two invented. 

They will perform for students at St. Mary's School the morning of September 25, 2018, and at Columbia School that afternoon.

OSAC Performing Arts in Schools

In 2015/16, OSAC performing Arts in Schools Program presented 101 performances involving the following areas: First Nations Hoop Dance, World Music, Mask, Theatre and Classical/Crossover Instrumental Music. Total audience numbers were 25,286. There were six tours, traveling to 60 communities throughout the province.

Each year, Saskatchewan students, many of whom live in rural areas, enjoy music, dance, drumming, mime, theatre, magic, storytelling, and circus arts performances Each fall and spring, professional performing artists from Saskatchewan, Canada and beyond, are selected to tour for their artistic excellence and special ability to interact with and relate to student audiences. Study guides, with suggestions for pre- and post-concert discussion and activities, are sent to schools before each tour. Block booking helps to lower the fee/performance because travel expenses are amortized over two or three weeks. School centres pay a $30 annual associate member fee when they book, and a $10 fee is added to the price of each concert.

Celebrating 50 years in 2018, OSAC has nurtured the traditions of presenting excellence in the performing arts for adults, children and family audiences in various genres and disciplines. OSAC annually presents over 300 live community and school performances, attended by a total audience of approximately 75,000. This is possible because of a dedicated network of volunteers committed to making culture an integral part of Saskatchewan community life, and vital funding from Saskatchewan Lotteries,

Saskatchewan Arts Board, and Canadian Heritage. Saskatchewan Lotteries benefits more than 12,000 sport, culture, and recreation organizations around the province. Each year 600,000 people participate in programs and from activities initiated by these organizations, over $1 billion of economic activity is generated, and 23,000 jobs are sustained.


...connecting our community  to the arts!