...connecting our community  to the arts!

Our vision:

The Yorkton Arts Council connects our community to the arts.

Our mission:

The Yorkton Arts Council provides opportunities to engage in the arts through inspiration, education and entertainment.


The Yorkton Arts Council (originally known as the Yorkton Art Centre) was fittingly launched into existence in October, 1965, following the Festival of the Arts, an annual event which was held in Yorkton.

The Festival's purpose was to raise community interest in the arts. A consultant from the Saskatchewan Arts Board took the opportunity to advise and encourage interested citizens to establish a place where programs of music, drama, art, lectures and craft demonstrations could be developed.

Following a public meeting a steering committee was formed, and eventually the first Board of Directors was elected. The official opening was held at the Art Centre's first home (photo at right) on February 1, 1966. Increased interest in the Art Centre made it necessary for the organization to change its location twice during the next 15 years, each time to slightly improved facilities, until November 1981 when we moved into the Godfrey Dean Cultural Centre.

From our early beginnings when we offered programs in the visual and performing arts, our programs have continued to grow and expand. Today the Yorkton Arts Council presents 10 concerts in our "Stars for Saskatchewan" series along with other individual concerts. 

Sunflower fine art and craft market, begun in 1979, is held annually in September. For a time, Snowflower, a month long art and craft show, was held in the Godfrey Dean galleries during the month of November. Over the years, we have acted as a catalyst for the formation of groups such as the Parkland Writer's Alliance and the Kids Klan Theatre (a children's theatre organization).

We have supported three artist-in-residence programs for literary, theatre, and art.

The Council works co-operatively with other community cultural organizations. Through collaborative fundraising, the Council and the Yorkton Music Festival Association are co-owners of two Yamaha grand pianos, one housed in the Anne Portnuff Theatre and the other at St. Andrew's United Church.

Yorkton Arts Council, a non-profit organization, is governed by a six-person Board of Directors elected at the Annual General Meeting for two year terms. The Board meets every two to three months with the exception of the summer months. Committees meet as required and are made up of directors and members.